Uriah Brown

Uriah Brown originally hails from rural Pennsylvania, having hopped around a bit before finding himself in New Haven, Ct. When he arrived in New Haven he decided to follow his lifelong dream of becoming a tattoo artist and eventually found his way to Lucky Soul. Jim and Tracey saw something special in Uriah and shortly after meeting them he began his formal apprenticeship with both Tracey and Jim in 2018. After completing a traditional tattoo apprenticeship he began working as a resident artist at Lucky Soul.

Uriah has a strong eye for the time-honored traditional American tattoo designs with their bold linework and color - but part of a formal and traditional apprenticeship is learning about all facets of tattooing and design which prepared Uriah well for taking on any task that may come his way. He has experience with all styles of tattooing, from simple lettering, linework, black and gray, color.... the list goes on.

Uriah is a well-rounded, kind and compassionate tattooer who works hard to provide a good experience to each and every client. We are very proud of him and how far he’s come, and we look forward to watching him grow within this sacred craft of tattooing.