Tracey Rose

Tracey Rose began tattooing in 2000 under a formal apprenticeship with Jim LoPresti, and has been with Lucky Soul since the doors first opened in 2001. Although she is known for her vibrant color work, Tracey has begun focusing on large scale black and grey pieces as well, and truly enjoys the versatility of being very familiar with many styles of tattoo art.

Tracey draws inspiration for her work from traditional Buddhist imagery, organic Art Nouveau elements, and the nuevo traditional style of tattooing. She truly enjoys spiritual/Buddhist tattoo designs, tattooing lots of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, as well as designs centering around 'lady heads'. Tracey strives to make each and every client comfortable in her chair, giving them a fun and relaxing experience as well as a tattoo that they will be happy to wear for the rest of their days.

Tracey has received many awards for her work, having been highlighted in national tattoo magazines, and also bringing home many trophies from tattoo convention competitions throughout the country.