Tracey Rose

Tracey Rose has been tattooing professionally since 2000 following a formal traditional apprenticeship.

Having worked hard to carve a niche for herself as a female tattooer when it was not as easy to do so, through those years before mass consumption and television drama when it was still very much a ‘man’s world’, Tracey has seen the changes in the craft and worked against the grain to gain an incredible reputation for both solid work and giving her clients a great, comfortable experience. She believes getting a tattoo is so much more than just wearing a tattoo, but that the experience stays with you as well. Tracey strives to create an inclusive and friendly environment for her clients and that has meant she has had some of the same clients for 20+ years!

Tracey focused her energy on creating a career, a space, and even tattoo designs that promote womxn empowerment. The act of tattooing is empowering in itself, and Tracey loves to create pieces that celebrate the righteousness that is woman and to mark important times and experiences in the life of women. Working with femxle imagery is Tracey’s most favorite work to do.

Tracey’s style is varied, having mastered many types of tattoo designs in her many years of experience, but she truly enjoys tattooing pieces with a nod to ‘American Traditional’ designs. She has worked long and hard to perfect her linework, and loves tattooing pieces similar to woodcut style, with lots of linework and stipple shading. As an avid animal lover she also loves to tattoo animal portraits, to allow our sweet loved ones to be carried with us always.

Getting much of her inspiration from the natural world, she often creates pieces using botanical imagery with art nouveau elements. She is a versatile artist capable of slaying many styles of tattooing.

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